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Meet the designer Hollie

My name is Hollie and I’ve always had a creative spirit. From an early age, I was captivated by the world of art and the endless possibilities it held because of God’s gift. However, life had a way of leading me down a different path, and it wasn’t until the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 that my true artistic journey began again. In the midst of uncertainty and isolation, I found solace in the digital realm. With a laptop in hand and a world of inspiration at my fingertips, I ventured into the realm of digital art. It was during this time that I discovered

a passion for creating digital art images that brought joy and beauty into people’s lives around me. But what truly fueled my artistic fire were prayer and three beautiful children: Shilah, Iaunna, and Aiden. Watching their boundless imagination and unfiltered creativity,

I realized the power of art in capturing moments of wonder and inspiring others. Their playful laughter and innocent perspective reminded me of the magic that art can create. 

Embracing the lengthy and rewarding process of digital art. I spent countless hours honing my skills that are still growing my creativity. Each intricate design became a testament of my desire and dedication to digital art.

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